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    Vitiligo Treatment at Delhi Laser Clinic, Dwarka

    Vitiligo can now be successfully dealt with by using laser lights vitiligo treatment in Delhi, India!

    Vitiligo is a skin disorder upsetting the body’s manufacture of melanin in the skin, which causes white blotches of skin on the body. Vitiligo is a skin condition that is primarily categorized by the loss of pigment in diverse regions of the skin. It seems to occur when the body’s immune cells terminate the cells that create melanocytes which are accountable for producing the brown pigment of the skin. The main reason for this abnormal skin disease is still indefinite, but the experts say that it is owing to an autoimmune problem.

    Vitiligo is a non-contagious condition, but it is protracted and once you have it, a lot of efforts have to be put in to everlastingly get rid of it. It is a serious ailment as it can affect an individual’s physical and emotional life. There is no eternal cure for vitiligo yet, but there are some treatments that aim to upsurge the pigment of the affected skin. One of them is laser vitiligo treatment in Delhi. It aims to depigment blotches of vitiligo and is tested to be safe and effective. You can visit Delhi Laser Clinic to know more about the laser vitiligo treatment cost in Delhi and benefits.


    Causes of Vitiligo

    Startlingly, the causes of vitiligo are yet to be accurately established, but the maximum of the research so far points to the following:

    An autoimmune sickness: the patient’s immune system becomes overcharged and terminates the melanocytes2
    Hereditary oxidative stress inequality
    A traumatic event
    Impairment to the skin because of a critical sunburn or cut
    Exposure to certain chemicals
    A neural reason
    A viral cause

    Vitiligo is not communicable or transmissible i.e. individuals cannot catch it from each other.

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    Some Key Facts on Vitiligo

    Here are some key points about vitiligo:

    Vitiligo can affect individuals of any age, race or gender
    Vitiligo affects melanocytes that create the pigment melanin
    The exact cause of vitiligo is not still recognized, but some researchers have confidence that it is an autoimmune disorder
    Some scientists think that vitiligo might be triggered by a virus
    You cannot catch vitiligo from another individual
    Vitiligo is divided into two categories i.e. non-segmental and segmental vitiligo
    Contact with UVA or UVB light can help some persons with the condition
    If more than 50% of the skin is affected, depigmentation might be a considerable option


    How is Vitiligo diagnosed?

    If the dermatologist at Delhi Laser Clinic doubts that you have vitiligo, he or she will:

    Review your medical history and might ask particular queries such as whether someone in your family has vitiligo.
    Perform a physical examination, observing cautiously at the affected skin.
    You also might need a blood test to check the health of your thyroid gland. Individuals who have vitiligo often have an autoimmune thyroid sickness. A blood test will tell whether your thyroid is strong or not.


    Laser Vitiligo Treatment

    One of the most pioneering vitiligo treatment in Dwarka is laser treatment therapy. Just like phototherapy, it employs ultraviolet rays to arouse the melanocytes in your skin. Unlike photo therapy, however, it directs the light using a laser, so it assures to be more effective and causes scarcer side effects. vitiligo treatment fundamentally uses light to re-pigment the skin. Patient might sit in a light box or get excimer laser treatments. Light box is used to treat extensive vitiligo whereas laser treats a small area. It works amazingly on the face and is least effective on hands and feet.


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